Knapman Womens Ultra Strong Compression Socks Black

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RENEWED! Knapman Ultra Strong Compression Socks
For optimal recovery, optimal travel comfort and peak performance, even after traveling!

Ultra Strong Compression:
Super strong compression for optimal recovery:

  • Super strong compression decreasing in strength towards te knee.
  • Advanced 3D-production ensures optimal compression distribution without restricting freedom of movement
  • Comparable to medical compression class II.
  • Developed in close collaboration with physiotherapists & top athletes.

Faster recovery
Prepare your body for a new match in record time!
The socks promote the recovery process and replenish the energy reserves more quickly. The improved supply of oxygen to the muscles helps to prevent sore legs and muscle pain.
Your muscles will recover in record time and are ready for the training very quick!

Optimal travel

The optimal compression distribution in the Ultra Strong Compression Socks improves blood circulation (venous return). This prevents swollen and weary legs and reduces risk of, among other things, travelers' thrombosis.
A long journey (by plane, bus, train or car) affects your sports performance.
Athletes perform significantly worse after a long journey or have to accimate first. Simply wearing the Ultra Strong Compression Socks helps reduce performance loss.
You get off with noticably fresher legs!

Hint! From the experiences of physiotherapists, sports doctors and top athletes, it turns out that Knapman's Compression Tighs are also particularly effective during long journeys.

Do you seek compression socks to wear while doing sports?
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  • Niet wassen in temperaturen hoger dan 30 graden
  • Uitsluitend wassen met gelijke kleuren
  • Gebruik geen wasverzachter
  • Niet strijken
  • Niet in de wasdroger


Knapman Womens Ultra Strong Compression Socks Black

Knapman compression sock with strong compression, decreasing in strength towards the knee. Designed specifically for recovery and travel. - Art: KM00602

RENEWED! Knapman Ultra Strong Compression Socks
Superstrong compression for optimal recovery.

Now with renewed technology for even better performance.

Ultra Strong Compression contains super strong compression, decreasing from bottom to top, for a faster recovery or an optimal travel comfort.

Recover in record time!

  • Reduces muscle fatigue and sore muscles
  • Promotes the supply of oxygen to the muscles
  • Fast replenish of the energy reserves

Top performances after travel!

  • Fresh legs after a long journey
  • Less performance loss
  • Improved blood flow in the legs

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Colour: Black Black

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