Knapman Compression Clothing in Tennis

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Intensive training without fear of injury?

Knapman compression clothing for tennis helps you prevent injuries or recover faster.

Knapman Ultimate Compression provides more endurance, more strength and extra muscle stability.

In combination with Knapman compression shirts, the back muscles are optimally supported and back problems noticeably relieved.


Unique benefits before, during and after Tennis. 


Prepare for the best performance by wearing Knapman. Avoid performance loss while traveling
prior to a tennis match or training.

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Boost your performances by wearing Knapman. Prevent injuries, boost the energy and
be unstoppable!

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Recover in no-time by wearing Knapman. Be ready for the next training or match in record time!

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Scientific Proof



Scientific proof for effects Knapman Compression Shorts!

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Groin support


The compression shorts offer optimal stability and support to the muscles in the groin area. Muscle damage will occur less, which in turn avoids groin injuries.




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Knapman Zoned Compression arm Sleeves

45% Zoned Compression

The Knapman Zoned Compression Arm Sleeves are the only Arm Sleeves with 45% Zoned Compression. Which is comparable with medical compression class II.
The exceptional strong compression level ensures optimal prevention and treatment of arm and elbow injuries.


Patented Knapman® Compression Technology

Knapman Compression Clothing contains Knapman® Compression Technology:
Advanced 3D-knitting technology and special elastic yarns knitted in a Knapman® patented pattern. This ensures high level, targeted compression with optimal comfort and full freedom of movement.


Injury prevention and muscle recovery

The Knapman Zoned Compression Arm Sleeves have been specially developed for the prevention and treatment of arm injuries and arm complaints. Through improved blood circulation and accelerated waste elimination, the Arm Sleeve also helps promote muscle recovery. That also results in less muscle fatigue and muscle cramping.


Developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and elite athletes

Physical therapists and elite athletes have been closely involved in the development of the new Compression Arm Sleeves from Knapman. Elbow specialists and top tennis players have extensively tested the Arm Sleeves.



Active Strong vs. Ultra Strong
The ultimate Compressionsocks for next-level performance

Strong & targeted compression. Exactly where needed.

Next-level performance!
Optimizes stability
Protect against inuries
Boosts the energy in the muscles

Innovative compression
The innovative compression zones ensure an optimal effect during sport.

Superstrong compression for optimal recovery.

Recover in record time!
Reduces muscle fatigue and sore muscles
Promotes the supply of oxygen to the muscles
Fast replenish of the energy reserves

Top performances after travel!
Fresh legs after a long journey
Less performance loss
Improved blood flow in the legs


The Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts 45%, with patented Knapman 'Zoned Compression' technology, has a positive effect on groin complaints.



  • Normal sport clothes
  • Zoned High Compression Shorts (Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts 45%)
  • Non-zoned low compression shorts


  1. Copenhagen Adduction Squeeze test (CS)
    With a handheld Dynanometer
  2. Sprinttest (Illinois Agility Test)
  3. Maximum Shooting Test (from 5m distance)
  4. Usage during Football Activities (training and matches)


  • Roald Otten, MSc
  • Sebastiaan Stam, MSc
  • Adam Weir, MBBS, PhD
  • Rob Langhout, PhD, MSc
  • Igor Tak, PhD, MScPTsports



The study showed positive effects on groin complaints when wearing the Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts, compared to wearing compression clothing with low compression and / or wearing normal sportswear.

The research team strongly recommends that you wear Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts for groin-related complaints.



Recommended by

Gilles Muller

Top Tennisplayer

"I travel and train/play a lot, so recovery and reducing muscle fatigue is important. Since I use Knapman during traveling, I leave the plain with fresh legs. For example, on my flight from Luxembourg to Australia, to play ATP Tournament in Sydney, I wore the Knapman Compression Tights. I clearly noticed a difference by wearing these Tights and it helped me to arrive in Australia with fresh legs after a 20 hour flight.


Any percentage of improvement I can gain is very important for me. And Knapman is helping me."

Marcel Bogaart

Captain of the Dutch Padel team

As a fanatic sporter I demand the maximum from myself. This sometimes results in small injuries to the shoulder and hamstring.

I am 41 years old and play the sport Padel (a cross between tennis and squash). This is an intensive sport where there is much turning of the body and intensive use of the (upper) legs and upper torso.
For a while now I’ve been using the Knapman shorts and shirts. Due to this I am able to play without injury and get the maximum from my sport. I notice that my upper legs and upper torso are well supported which results in a stronger and fitter feeling.

At this moment I couldn’t do without the Knapman products and I would recommend them to everyone!

Recommended by

Ron Tijshen


"My brother introduced me to Knapman compression wear. I’ve played tennis for years and after a quick sprint I sometimes injure myself. I’m not the youngest anymore and suffer now and again from backache. My brother advised me to try Knapman compression wear.

Now I wear the compression shorts and shirt during a game of tennis. I can play tennis pain-free again!"


Gert van der Burg

Sport physiotherapist

I would like to share our first impressions of the Knapman compression wear.

We were searching for quite some time for compression wear for use during sport where the strain on the muscles occurs in the core region, the combination of back muscles, abdomen muscles and the hip-gluteus maximus region.
Our positive experience with compression therapy for the lower leg and foot with compression stockings, with both a preventive effect and for use in the case of muscle injury, have lead to this search.
We have used Knapman compression wear for a few of our patients who suffer from lower back complaints, where the pressure on the back causes problems during sport.
The sports played were golf and field hockey. The motivation for wearing compression clothing is mainly due to the improved blood circulation, the increase in stability given, the improved muscle stamina and the decrease in muscle pain.
These effects are known when wearing compression stockings and I can confirm that this is also the case for Knapman compression wear.

Although, in the first instance, this clothing is referred to as figure-correcting, I am of the opinion that the positive effect on back strain should be definitely stated. Our patients reported experiencing an obvious decrease in fatigue in the core region during sport. They pointed out that they felt extra support in the lower back region which led to an improved posture. The good thermoregulation was also a positive quality.

We shall advise our patients with complaints in the core region to wear compression clothing during sport. Knapman meets our demands for the correct clothing.

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