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Knapman Compression Clothing for Women's Football

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Less injuries and faster recovery with Knapman

Boost your football performances with Knapman. Whether it is before, during or after a football training or game.

Wearing Knapman Compression Clothing helps you to avoid injuries and recover faster from an injury.

The unique, patented Knapman 'Zoned Compression'-Technology ensures optimal muscular support and stability and more power and stamina.
Existing injuries will recover faster and and the risk of new injuries reduces significantly.

Knapman is worn by professional football players in all major competitions from all over the world.


Unique benefits before, during and after Football. 


Prepare for the best performance by wearing Knapman. Avoid performance loss while traveling
prior to a football match or training.

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Boost your performances by wearing Knapman. Prevent injuries, boost the energy and
be unstoppable!

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Recover in no-time by wearing Knapman. Be ready for the next training or match in record time!

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 Knapman at Middlesbrough



Dr. Bryan English and Rob Tatham embrace Knapman.

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Scientific Proof



Scientific proof for effects Knapman Compression Shorts!

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Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts

Scientifically proven effect.

The 45% Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts has positive effects on groin complaints in football players. This is the conclusion of a large, independent research (Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial) at the University of Bath in England.

Although, physiotherapists, sports doctors and (top) athletes are already convinced about the effects of the revolutionary compression shorts for a long time, we now have a scientifically proof.
Scientific proof that the Zoned Compression Techonoly, patented by Knapman, really makes the difference.

Used in all major sports competitions

The Knapman Compression Shorts are being used by players in all major sports competitions, e.g. World Championship Football 2018, Premier League, Wimbledon, La Liga, Euro Hockey League.

Knapman Compression Technology

The Knapman patented compression technology contains built-in compression zones with up to 45% compression. These compression zones follow the anatomy of the body and provides a balanced body support.
Advanced 3D production technologies and special elastic yarns ensures a super strong, targeted compression, while maintaining a optimal freedom of movement.

Groin complaints in football player unnecessary

Between 4 and 19% of the football players suffers with groin complaints. In women's football it is even more.
In general, groin complaints are a big problem in sports.

With the outcome of this scientific research on the effects of the Knapman compression shorts, a lot of groin complaints are unnecessary.


The Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts 45%, with patented Knapman 'Zoned Compression' technology, has a positive effect on groin complaints.



  • Normal sport clothes
  • Zoned High Compression Shorts (Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts 45%)
  • Non-zoned low compression shorts


  1. Copenhagen Adduction Squeeze test (CS)
    With a handheld Dynanometer
  2. Sprinttest (Illinois Agility Test)
  3. Maximum Shooting Test (from 5m distance)
  4. Usage during Football Activities (training and matches)


  • Roald Otten, MSc
  • Sebastiaan Stam, MSc
  • Adam Weir, MBBS, PhD
  • Rob Langhout, PhD, MSc
  • Igor Tak, PhD, MScPTsports



The study showed positive effects on groin complaints when wearing the Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts, compared to wearing compression clothing with low compression and / or wearing normal sportswear.

The research team strongly recommends that you wear Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts for groin-related complaints.


Recommended by

Victor Pálsson

Soccerplayer in the Eredivisie

"In the last recent years I've had to deal with various shoulder injuries. The compression shirts from Knapman have greatly reduced my injuries. Recently I started playing with the shorts from Knapman".

"I want to thank the Knapman team. Their products ensure that I suffer less from injuries and that I can deliver better performance. The short ensures that I can give just a little extra and can play in professional football that of course make the difference. Thank you! "

Tessel Middag

Player for Ajax and Dutch national team for women

I wear the compression shorts and the sports bra. I am very satisfied with the Knapman compression wear. The sports bra is comfortable. The underwire in the sports bra feels comfortable and does not irritate. The shorts also have great comfort of wear.

Recommended by

Paco van Moorsel

Professional footballer

By N.E.C. I discovered the Knapman compression wear. Since then I train and play while wearing the compression shorts. I notice that the shorts provide extra stability for my upper leg muscles.They give me the feeling that I can up my game without being injured.

During the journey to our training camp in Marbella, I wore the compression tights. Now I also wear the tights after a training or competition and I even sleep in them. When I wake up, I really notice that my muscles are less fatigued. The tights enhance muscle recovery!

Roald Otten


Wearing the Knapman Compression Shorts shows a significant reduction of pain in football players with groin pain. Therefore, I strongly recommend wearing the Knapman Compression Shorts.


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