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Knapman clothing used in Travel

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          Avoid loss of performance when traveling

Traveling long before a competition is often a drama for athletes. To get used to it you will have to arrive at the destination well in advance. There is often no time for that.

Wearing Knapman Compression clothing while traveling ensures an improved blood flow and thus helps prevent performance loss.
Moreover, the compression clothing immediately ensures a better recovery. This also provides a major advantage when traveling between competitions.

Knapman Zoned Compression Pants


Improved blood flow back (venous return)

An improved backflow of (oxygen-rich) blood (venous return) prevents loss of performance during long journeys or when sitting still. It prevents, among other things, the swelling of legs and feet, traveler's thrombosis and heavy, tired legs.


Knapman Compression technology

Knapman's patented compression technology includes built-in, targeted compression zones. These zones follow the anatomy of the body and provide a balanced body support.
The advanced production technology ensures an exceptionally high compression value, whereby the freedom of movement and the wearing comfort remain optimal.


Faster recovery

The targeted compression zones in the compression clothing stimulate blood circulation, which results in more oxygen-rich blood in the muscles. Moreover, waste materials are removed better and faster.
This allows the damage in the muscles to recover better and faster through exercise.


Gilles Muller

"I travel and train/play a lot, so recovery and reducing muscle fatigue is important. Since I use Knapman during travel, I leave the plain with fresh legs. I clearly notice a difference by wearing these pants and it helped me to arrive in Australia with fresh legs after a 20 hour flight."

Studies shows Compression clothes helps against performance loss when traveling


The results of an extensive study show that even with a time difference of three hours, athletes should consider both jet lag and loss of performance. Athletes can avoid this deterioration in performance by wearing compression gear before and during the trip.

Although the advice on how to deal with jet lag is currently intended for athletes who pass more than three time zones, the results of this study seem to change that. Regardless of the time difference to be bridged, it is in any case advisable to wear compression clothing before and during the trip.

Kraemer WJ, Hooper DR, Kupchak BR, Saenz C, Brown LE, Vingren JL, Luk HY, DuPont WH, Szivak TK, Flanagan SD, Caldwell LK, Eklund D, Lee EC, Hakkinen K, Volek JS, Fleck SJ, Maresh CM (2016) The Effects of a Roundtrip Trans-American Jet Travel on Physiological Stress, Neuromuscular Performance and Recovery. J. Appl. Physiol., doi: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00429.2016

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