Preventive and restorative effect with a hamstring injury

A hamstring injury is a common injury among athletes. Thanks to the Knapman compression clothing, you can help repair (starting) hamstring injuries and prevent them in the future. The patented, targeted compression zones with a unique compression value, offer maximum support and stability to your hamstrings.


Prevent Hamstring injury?

Knapman compression pants help to repair and prevent hamstring injuries.

Richard de Bock: "My hamstrings are a very weak part of my body. I have not had any hamstring injuries since I wear Knapman compression pants."

"You notice that your upper legs and upper body are well supported, which makes you feel stronger and fitter," says Marcel Bogaart, captain of the Dutch Padel team.

Developed with physiotherapists from top sports

The compression pants from Knapman® are developed in collaboration with Han Tijshen, physiotherapist at football club N.E.C. Nijmegen.

Han: "As a physiotherapist at N.E.C. I work on injury prevention on a daily basis. I have been looking for innovative products for years, especially for groin and hamstring injuries. I am proud to have been able to contribute to the development of this product."


Preventive effect with hamstring injuries

The compression pants have a preventive effect on injuries to the upper leg (for example a hamstring injury). The compression provides extra stability. This limits muscle vibrations, so that less energy is lost and less muscle damage occurs.
When wearing these compression pants, the hamstring gets fewer 'blows' during short sprints. A hamstring injury will be limited as a result.

Vincent (amateur soccer player) uses the Knapman compression pants preventively, against a hamstring injury. "I opted for 45% compression pants and I am very happy with that. Because they are so tight, I feel that I am better protected. Until now I have not had any problems with my hamstring injury during training and competitions. that is unique to me! ", says Vincent.

Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts

Up to 45% Compression

These revolutionary compression pants give up to 45% compression, two to three times more than other compression pants.




Prevent groin injury

Optimal effect in the treatment and prevention of a groin injury.




Faster recovery

Faster recovery from a (starting) groin injury thanks to improved blood circulation and extra stability in the muscles.

Optimal freedom of movement

Maximum compression, extra wearing comfort and optimum freedom of movement.




Patented compression zones

Less muscle damage thanks to the targeted compression zones.




Maximal support

More strength and endurance thanks to the maximum support in the upper leg.

Knapman Compressionshorts 45%

Order your Compressionshort right now to prevent hamstring injuries during sporting

Knapman Compressionshorts 25%

Order your Compressionshort right now to prevent hamstring injuries before and after sporting

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Knapman interviews

Football player Nick Doodeman from FC Volendam about his Hamstring injury and how he solved his injury with Knapman

Football player Jorrit Smeets from Fortuna Sittard about his experience with Knapman

Knapman Reviews

Recommended by

Bas Appels

Hockeyer SCHC H1

After several hamstring injuries I ended up with the Knapman 45% compression pants. Besides that the pants feel very nice, I have not suffered from injuries since.

What more do you want as a (top) athlete?

Mark Engberink

Professional footballer at RKC Waalwijk

"Since this year I play for RKC Waalwijk. Unfortunately at the end of preparations I injured my hamstring. This injury, that has troubled me before, is very aggravating. My agent (Wagelaar) recommended trying the Knapman compression shorts.
When I tried the Knapman compression shorts I felt an obvious difference in the pressure on my muscles during training due to the compression. I wear the compression shorts for every training and match and have been able to play a full and fit game since.”

Recommended by

Marcel Bogaart

Captain of the Dutch Padel team

As a fanatic sporter I demand the maximum from myself. This sometimes results in small injuries to the shoulder and hamstring.

I am 41 years old and play the sport Padel (a cross between tennis and squash). This is an intensive sport where there is much turning of the body and intensive use of the (upper) legs and upper torso.
For a while now I’ve been using the Knapman shorts and shirts. Due to this I am able to play without injury and get the maximum from my sport. I notice that my upper legs and upper torso are well supported which results in a stronger and fitter feeling.

At this moment I couldn’t do without the Knapman products and I would recommend them to everyone!

Vincent Dos

Amateur footballer

I’ve had a pair of Knapman shorts for 3 weeks now and I wear them constantly for sport! I heard about them from a friend.
I often have hamstring injuries and have been to a specialised sports retailer for advice. Unfortunately, they were unable to help me sufficiently. They gave me neoprene shorts but the Knapman shorts are much more comfortable. I have the feeling that they keep my muscles warm.

I’ve chosen 45% compression shorts and am very happy with them. Because of the close fit I feel that they give more protection. Up to now I’ve had no hamstring injuries during a training or match and that is remarkable, considering all the injuries I suffered last season. I hope that I remain injury-free the coming season thanks to the Knapman shorts.

My first impression is definitely positive!

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