Revolutionary Knapman compression pants specially developed to prevent groin injuries.

A groin injury is a common injury among athletes. Knapman compression clothing helps you to repair (starting) groin injuries and prevent them in the future. The patented, targeted compression zones with a unique compression value offer maximum support and stability to your groins.

Compression pants against groin injury!

Many (top) athletes, including football players from the premier league, use the newly developed Knapman compression pants for the treatment and prevention of injuries, including a groin injury.

Desiree van Lunteren: "I like the compression pants very well and I definitely recommend him to wear. I have less problems with my groins and thigh muscles.
The season is still very long for me because the World Cup is just around the corner. The compression pants will certainly help me with this ".

Developed with physiotherapists from top sports

The groin pants were developed in collaboration with Han Tijshen, physiotherapist at football club N.E.C. Nijmegen.

Han: "As a physiotherapist at N.E.C. I work on injury prevention on a daily basis. I have been looking for innovative products for years, especially for groin and hamstring injuries. I am proud to have been able to contribute to the development of this product."

Unique 45% compression value


Knapman's 45% compression is unique and unbeatable. Even physiotherapists value this unique effect of compression clothing because of its high compression value.

Wich gives optimal stability to the muscles due to the high compression value, with as a result less muscle damage.

Faster recovery and preventive effect on groin injuries

The compression shorts have a preventive effect on groin injuries. The compression provides extra stability in the thigh muscles.

This limits muscle vibrations, so that less energy is lost and less muscle damage occurs. We get reactions from athletes who, thanks to Knapman, have less (or even no) problems with muscle pain.

Knapman Compressionshorts

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Scientific proof for effects Knapman Compression Shorts.

The Knapman compression shorts, with patented, targeted compression of 45%, has positive effects on groin complaints in football players. This is the conclusion of a large, independent research (Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial) at the University of Bath in England.

This makes the Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts the first compression shorts in the world with a scientifically proven effect.

The results.

Illinois Agility Test

Wearing the Knapman compression shorts during a sprinttest (football specific exercise), shows a significant reduction of groin pain, without affecting the performance.

Maximum shooting test
From 5 meter.

Wearing the Knapman compression shorts during a maximum shooting test shows a significant reduction of groin pain, without affection the performance

Test-period during training/matches

Wearing the Knapman compression shorts during training or matches in a test period of 4 weeks, shows a significant reduction of complaints and symptoms of groin injuries.

The results of this scientific research are presented at the Sports Medical Scientific Congress 2018. For the full research or questions about the research, please contact us via

Knapman Compressiontights

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Knapman interviews

Physiotherapist Jasper Steens from de Graafschap about his experience with Knapman

Physiotherapist Roald Otten about his research of the Knapman Compressions Short

Knapman Reviews

Recommended by

Roald Otten


Wearing the Knapman Compression Shorts shows a significant reduction of pain in football players with groin pain. Therefore, I strongly recommend wearing the Knapman Compression Shorts.

Igor Tak


Never before has a compression shorts been so extensively and independently researched. The Knapman Compression Shorts is the only compression shorts in the world with a scientifically proven effect on groin complaints.

Recommended by

David Weersma

Rugby player NL-team / Aparejadores

"Last season I had a sabbatical year due to persistent injuries to my groin. My physiotherapist told me about the Knapman Compression shorts. With the compression shorts from Knapman I started to train again and I am fit in time to make the move to the Spanish Rugby competition this season."

Desiree van Lunteren

Player of Ajax and dutch national womens team

"I am very pleased with the compression shorts and would definitely recommend wearing them. I have less trouble from my groin and upper leg muscles. The playing season is a long one for me because the World Championships are coming up. The compression shorts are definitely going to aid me enormously."

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