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Knapman Compression Clothing is worn and recommended by professional athletes and amature athletes. Read here how athletes experience the compression clothing.

Professional athletes about Knapman

Recommended by

Desiree van Lunteren

Player of Ajax and dutch national womens team

"I am very pleased with the compression shorts and would definitely recommend wearing them. I have less trouble from my groin and upper leg muscles. The playing season is a long one for me because the World Championships are coming up. The compression shorts are definitely going to aid me enormously."

Mark Engberink

Professional footballer at RKC Waalwijk

"Since this year I play for RKC Waalwijk. Unfortunately at the end of preparations I injured my hamstring. This injury, that has troubled me before, is very aggravating. My agent (Wagelaar) recommended trying the Knapman compression shorts.
When I tried the Knapman compression shorts I felt an obvious difference in the pressure on my muscles during training due to the compression. I wear the compression shorts for every training and match and have been able to play a full and fit game since.”

Rens van Eijden

Captain at N.E.C. Nijmegen

“As top sporter I follow the latest sport developments and innovations. I have tested the compression shorts and they give great support without being too tight or obstructing freedom of movement. I wear the shorts for every training and competition.”

Rens has had an active part in the development of the compression shorts. After extensive testing and adjustments we have made a top of the range product. The shorts give maximum compression without compromising freedom of movement.

Kevin Burmester

Weltmeister Kickboxing

“The Knapman compression wear is extremely effective in the prevention of and treatment of injuries and also helps in recovery after intensive training. Above all, my freedom of movement is unaffected. For me this is the most important advantage of Knapman clothing.”


Recommended by

Meryem Uslu


I’m very satisfied with the Knapman products and am surprised at how the clothing helps with recovery. After training I have (almost) no muscle pain, especially in my legs. In addition to the Knapman compression shirt and compression shorts, I have also tried the Knapman sports bra. At first it felt strange because I normally wear a sports bra without push-up effect. A while later, during training, I noticed that the Knapman sports bra was very comfortable and gave good support. A super product!

Meryam’s achievements:

  • IMC World champion Muaythai (up to 57 kg)
  • IPTA European champion Muaythai (up to 56.7 kg)
  • Many time German champion MUD/IPTA/WKA


Marcel Bogaart

Captain of the Dutch Padel team

As a fanatic sporter I demand the maximum from myself. This sometimes results in small injuries to the shoulder and hamstring.

I am 41 years old and play the sport Padel (a cross between tennis and squash). This is an intensive sport where there is much turning of the body and intensive use of the (upper) legs and upper torso.
For a while now I’ve been using the Knapman shorts and shirts. Due to this I am able to play without injury and get the maximum from my sport. I notice that my upper legs and upper torso are well supported which results in a stronger and fitter feeling.

At this moment I couldn’t do without the Knapman products and I would recommend them to everyone!

Tessel Middag

Player for Ajax and Dutch national team for women

I wear the compression shorts and the sports bra. I am very satisfied with the Knapman compression wear. The sports bra is comfortable. The underwire in the sports bra feels comfortable and does not irritate. The shorts also have great comfort of wear.

Paco van Moorsel

Professional footballer

By N.E.C. I discovered the Knapman compression wear. Since then I train and play while wearing the compression shorts. I notice that the shorts provide extra stability for my upper leg muscles.They give me the feeling that I can up my game without being injured.

During the journey to our training camp in Marbella, I wore the compression tights. Now I also wear the tights after a training or competition and I even sleep in them. When I wake up, I really notice that my muscles are less fatigued. The tights enhance muscle recovery!

Football player Rodney Antwi from FC Volendam about his experience with Knapman

Football player Seth de Witte from KV Mechelen about his experience with Knapman

Football player Sjoerd Ars from de Graafschap about his experience with Knapman

Football player Mark Diemers from Fortuna Sittard about his experience with Knapman

Football player Nick Doodeman from FC Volendam about his experience with Knapman

Football player Jorrit Smeets from Fortuna Sittard about his experience with Knapman

Also recommended by amateur athletes

Recommended by

Vincent Dos

Amateur footballer

I’ve had a pair of Knapman shorts for 3 weeks now and I wear them constantly for sport! I heard about them from a friend.
I often have hamstring injuries and have been to a specialised sports retailer for advice. Unfortunately, they were unable to help me sufficiently. They gave me neoprene shorts but the Knapman shorts are much more comfortable. I have the feeling that they keep my muscles warm.

I’ve chosen 45% compression shorts and am very happy with them. Because of the close fit I feel that they give more protection. Up to now I’ve had no hamstring injuries during a training or match and that is remarkable, considering all the injuries I suffered last season. I hope that I remain injury-free the coming season thanks to the Knapman shorts.

My first impression is definitely positive!



As fanatic runner, I’m very satisfied with the Knapman compression wear. While running I wear the compression tights. I definitely notice the support given to my muscles.

Without the compression tights I always suffered with stiffness in the groin after running. Now that’s in the past.
While running I prefer to wear the compression tights because they support my lower legs and stimulate the blood circulation optimally. However, I do recommend the compression shorts as well.

The high compression value is an excellent development. It works a great deal better than shorts with less compression.

Ron Tijshen


"My brother introduced me to Knapman compression wear. I’ve played tennis for years and after a quick sprint I sometimes injure myself. I’m not the youngest anymore and suffer now and again from backache. My brother advised me to try Knapman compression wear.

Now I wear the compression shorts and shirt during a game of tennis. I can play tennis pain-free again!"


Racing Cyclist

Knapman is ideal for me on the racebike. I cycle, on average, 200 km a week. After breaking my elbow in an accident, I was unable to cycle for a year. When I started cycling again after a year I had gained quite a bit of weight and my stomach was considerably in the way on the bike.

Then I discovered Knapman. Cycling was much easier thanks to the compression wear. The new Knapman shirt is definitely a must for race cyclists.

It provides optimal ventilation, feels cool to the touch and thanks to the built-in silver ions is odour-free!

Recommended by

Carolien Filippo

RKHVV womens 1

"Up to now I’m very pleased with the compression shorts. I wear them for both training and competition. We haven’t been beaten yet and I’ve even scored in the first match that I wore the compression shorts in! But if this was thanks to the shorts…
In any case, they are comfortable to wear and I’m injury-free to date. I have no problems with my hamstrings (which is normally my main complaint) and I’m less stiff after the game."


Fanatic amateur footballer

As fanatic amateur footballer and many-time knee patient (1x right torn ligament, 2x left torn ligament and 1x damaged meniscus) I’ve had a lot of support from wearing the Knapman compression shorts.

In spite of the fact that it was medically irresponsible, after all the operations, to play football again, I just couldn’t give up my favourite hobby. After reaching the 2nd class level (Sunday football) again I noticed that my knee didn’t hold up as well as before. I had very stiff knees after training and matches. I felt like an old man in the body of a 24-year-old.

Because of my knee history, I searched for different ways of limiting the damage. In addition to visiting an osteopath now and again and specific sport exercises given to me by a physiotherapist, the Knapman shorts have helped me take up football again without any restraint (even after the match).

I feel more stable during the training/match and I have almost no stiffness in my knees afterwards.

Marathon Runner

Marathon Runner

3 november 2013 - The marathon of New York.

A groin injury threatens to throw a spanner in the works. Call it all off then?
One last visit to the physiotherapist is the final hope. The physiotherapist advises wearing compression shorts: a revolutionary development in the sports world.

“Wear them tomorrow in the airplane and also during the marathon. They will ease your complaints considerably” according to the  physiotherapist. So said, so done. The marathon was completed, without groin injury.

We’ve heard this story recently. We’re happy that our compression shorts helped this marathon runner to complete the New York marathon.


"Golf is all about being stable at the core of the body. A few key words that have helped me to play to a handicap of 7 are: trust, flexibility and a natural uncomplicated swing.

Since wearing Knapman, both my swing and scores have become more stable. I trust more in my natural swing that I can carry out without effort and force.

The panels in the back of the shirt ensure a perfect backswing. My body is wound up like an elastic band. When I come into the downswing I feel my body remaining stable. The impact is purer.
While walking the 18 holes I notice that the Knapman shirt gives my back great support. The shirt ensures that I don’t have a bare back while taking my swing. I walk more upright and even my putting has improved due to the stability of my lower back.

I definitely notice the ventilation of the shirt and that the material is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I can’t imagine playing without Knapman now.

It sounds contradictory but after a round of golf I’m less tired and have better scores."

And by trainers

Recommended by

Karin Klouwers

Ice-skating trainer

As a ice-skating trainer, I am very enthusiastic about the new thermal shirt from Knapman. The shirt has Merino wool, which makes it feel wonderfully warm and comfortable in addition to the back support.

The shirt is really special. If you put it on, your attitude changes immediately. It gives support to your entire torso and provides a compact feeling. You can feel the back pressure at the lower back and give a pleasant strengthening feeling at your back.

As a trainer, I spend many hours on the ice to guide skaters. Thanks to the new shirt I have much less problems with my back and the cold. And although I am allergic to wool, the Merino wool did not give an itchy rash after wearing!

I would recommend the new shirt to any skating coach, trainer or trainer! But of course also every skating enthusiast!

Jeremy de Visser

Personal Trainer

My name is Jeremy de Visser and I have my own sports business. I have 13 years experience in the giving of training in various sports and in personal training. I train a broad range of public, including the police force in Amsterdam.

After wearing the Knapman shirt myself for a while during training, I noticed that the compression zones stimulate the correct posture of the upper body. The back and abdomen muscles are perfectly supported . For my clients, the correct posture of the upper body is of great importance. A big advantage of the Knapman shirts are the built-in silver ions that ensure that the shirt is odour-free, even after physical training.

My clients and I now wear Knapman shirts during spinning, bodypump, kick and punch, bootcamp and personal training.

After hearing about the compression shorts I was keen to try them out as well. I regularly compete in runs and while wearing the compression shorts I set a new personal record. The shorts are very comfortable and I also wear them when giving spinning classes. Some of my clients use the compression shorts now also and they are glad to report that they have almost no muscle pain after the training.

I am very satisfied with the shirts and shorts and recommend them to all my clients!

Recommended by

Harry Hageman

Ski instructor, Il Primo Bergen

"As ski instructor, mainly in Holland, I’m very enthousiastic about the Knapman thermoshirt (Knapman wool).

The shirt is very comfortable and the back support definitely supports, even for someone who has no complaints in this area. Above all, the shirt keeps you warm, especially the lower back, where skiers often complain about. The length of the shirt is longer than comparable shirts and because of the perfect fit it is ideal for skiers.

I spend many hours on the outdoor ski range giving lessons to skiers of all levels and in Holland this also means under very changeable weather conditions.

Wearing the specially designed Knapman wintersport shirt was a welcome surprise for me.

Comfortable, warm, supportive, optimal freedom of movement and it looks fantastic. Congratulations Knapman!"

Gert van der Burg

Sport physiotherapist

I would like to share our first impressions of the Knapman compression wear.

We were searching for quite some time for compression wear for use during sport where the strain on the muscles occurs in the core region, the combination of back muscles, abdomen muscles and the hip-gluteus maximus region.
Our positive experience with compression therapy for the lower leg and foot with compression stockings, with both a preventive effect and for use in the case of muscle injury, have lead to this search.
We have used Knapman compression wear for a few of our patients who suffer from lower back complaints, where the pressure on the back causes problems during sport.
The sports played were golf and field hockey. The motivation for wearing compression clothing is mainly due to the improved blood circulation, the increase in stability given, the improved muscle stamina and the decrease in muscle pain.
These effects are known when wearing compression stockings and I can confirm that this is also the case for Knapman compression wear.

Although, in the first instance, this clothing is referred to as figure-correcting, I am of the opinion that the positive effect on back strain should be definitely stated. Our patients reported experiencing an obvious decrease in fatigue in the core region during sport. They pointed out that they felt extra support in the lower back region which led to an improved posture. The good thermoregulation was also a positive quality.

We shall advise our patients with complaints in the core region to wear compression clothing during sport. Knapman meets our demands for the correct clothing.

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