Knapman recommended by physiotherapists

Knapman's compression clothing is recommended by many physiotherapists. Knapman clothing offers extra support after minor or serious sports injuries, but is also often used for recovery after surgery.

Recommended by

Roald Otten


Wearing the Knapman Compression Shorts shows a significant reduction of pain in football players with groin pain. Therefore, I strongly recommend wearing the Knapman Compression Shorts.

Igor Tak


Never before has a compression shorts been so extensively and independently researched. The Knapman Compression Shorts is the only compression shorts in the world with a scientifically proven effect on groin complaints.

Dr. Bryan English

Physician at Middlesbrough

“I have seen many compression garments in my 20 years working in elite sport.
However, for me, Knapman is the best product I have come across. The garment looks good, feels good, washes well and anecdotally it provides more compression than most other products.
The company are young and enthusiastic and my football club have been very impressed with all that Knapman has to offer.”

Recommended by

Adam Weir


At the Erasmus MC (Centre for Groin Injuries) I see people with groin-related complaints on a daily basis. With such complaints I often recommend the wearing of Knapman Compression Shorts.

Rob Langhout


I work a lot with top athletes and every athlete loves to wear Knapman, especially with groin and hamstring complaints.

Dr. Rob Tatham

Club Doctor Middlesbrough

"I am extremely impressed with the Knapman products, especially the compression shorts. I now wear them for all exercise I do - e.g.. tennis, racket ball, running - I am prone to the odd niggle in the back but find these are really good at providing some compression around the SIJ (SI-Joint) and have really helped.

I also wear the long-sleeved top after racket sports to aid recovery.

I know many of the players are very impressed with them also and I have certainly recommended some of them to use the compression shorts during training and games"


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