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          Arno Kromdijk

"As a starting runner, I was regularly confronted with lower back pain. Because I still want to work out, I started looking for a shirt that could provide extra support. At first I thought that the Knapman shirts were only for people with an overweight problem, but now I walk twice a week for almost a year now and don't go out without my compression shirt.

I keep it full longer and besides that it gives good support, it also dresses nicely! I think many athletes will benefit from these shirts. You automatically walk upright and as a result you make more kilometers with the same effort."

Knapman Zoned Compression Shirts



Neck pain

Knapman compression shirts help prevent neck problems by stimulating a good and active posture.


Back problems

The targeted compression zones in the compression shirt encourage an active posture, which can prevent many injuries and complaints such as back problems.


Lower back complaints

The compression shirt gives extra support to the lower back, so back problems can be prevented.



Shoulder complaints

Shoulder complaints are less likely to occur thanks to the support provided by the compression shirt. The targeted compression zones in the shirt encourage an active posture; shoulders back and back straight.




Abdominal muscles

Targeted compression zones support the abs. This improves the core stability of the body, which can prevent injuries. In addition, it stimulates an active attitude.



Unique benefits before, during and after exercise. 


Prepare for the best performance by wearing Knapman. Avoid performance loss while traveling
prior to a football match or training.

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Boost your performances by wearing Knapman. Prevent injuries, boost the energy and
be unstoppable!

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Recover in no-time by wearing Knapman. Be ready for the next training or match in record time!

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The Knap'man Compression Clothing have a size index that is compatible
with the standard underwear sizes. The above table can be used to check
the size. If in doubt over which size to order, contact us.

Fit the shirt

It is no problem to fit the compression shirt when you receive your order.
Wear the compression shirt without underwear,
directly on the skin (base layer) for the best effect.


Can I wear the shirt in all weather coditions?

Knapman uses MaxClima fabric that ensures exceptional breathability, moisture regulation and built-in silver ions. Thanks to the MaxClima fabric the shirt is wearable all day because it regulated itself.

When do I wear the shirts from Knapman?

Our shirts gives optimal upper body and back support that improves your posture, reduce backspin and reduces waistlines thanks to strong slimming effect.

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Knapman Compression Shirts

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