Knapman in Professional Sports

Physiotherapists and doctors

Bart de Bruyn

"The Knapman compression shorts ensures extra strong compression on the key leg muscles and an improved blood flow.

This makes existing injuries solve faster and reduces the risk of a new injury."

Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts 45%
The first compression shorts in the world with a scientifically proven effect

Scientifically proven effect.

The 45% Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts has positive effects on groin complaints in football players. This is the conclusion of a large, independent research (Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial) at the University of Bath in England.

Although, physiotherapists, sports doctors and (top) athletes are already convinced about the effects of the revolutionary compression shorts for a long time, we now have a scientifically proof.
Scientific proof that the Zoned Compression Techonoly, patented by Knapman, really makes the difference.

Used in all major sports competitions

The Knapman Compression Shorts are being used by players in all major sports competitions, e.g. World Championship Football 2018, Premier League, Wimbledon, La Liga, Euro Hockey League.

Knapman Compression Technology

The Knapman patented compression technology contains built-in compression zones with up to 45% compression. These compression zones follow the anatomy of the body and provides a balanced body support.
Advanced 3D production technologies and special elastic yarns ensures a super strong, targeted compression, while maintaining a optimal freedom of movement.

Groin complaints in football player unnecessary

Between 4 and 19% of the football players suffers with groin complaints. In women's football it is even more.
In general, groin complaints are a big problem in sports.

With the outcome of this scientific research on the effects of the Knapman compression shorts, a lot of groin complaints are unnecessary.

  Recommended by Physiotherapists and Doctors


Knapman's compression clothing is recommended by many physiotherapists. Knapman clothing offers extra support after minor or serious sports injuries, but is also often used for recovery after surgery.

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Professional Athletes

Alireza Jahanbakhsh

"When I came to Holland, I had a lot of hamstring inkuries. I came in contact with Knapman and since then I am wearing their compression clothing.

Since I use the compression shorts, I've never had any pain or hamstring injuries anymore. I use them every training and every match."


Prepare for the best performance by wearing Knapman. Avoid performance loss while traveling
prior to a football match or training.

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Boost your performances by wearing Knapman. Prevent injuries, boost the energy and
be unstoppable!

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Recover in no-time by wearing Knapman. Be ready for the next training or match in record time!

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Knapman in sport


Knapman Compression Clothing is well appreciated by professional athletes and amature athletes. Read here how athletes experience the compression clothing.


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