Reduce backpain?

Back injuries are mostly caused or aggravated by a wrong posture, repetitive work, overweight or working long periods in the same posture.
Knapman compression clothing has a posture- and figure-enhancing effect and offers extra support to the muscles. 

Wearing Knapman compression clothing can help reduce backpain considerably. A full workday is easier to manage and a back injury will not limit sport activities.

Knapman Zoned Compression Shirts



Neck pain

Knapman compression shirts help prevent neck problems by stimulating a good and active posture.


Back problems

The targeted compression zones in the compression shirt encourage an active posture, which can prevent many injuries and complaints such as back problems.


Lower back complaints

The compression shirt gives extra support to the lower back, so back problems can be prevented.



Shoulder complaints

Shoulder complaints are less likely to occur thanks to the support provided by the compression shirt. The targeted compression zones in the shirt encourage an active posture; shoulders back and back straight.




Abdominal muscles

Targeted compression zones support the abs. This improves the core stability of the body, which can prevent injuries. In addition, it stimulates an active attitude.

Good posture due to active stabilization

Knapman's corrective clothing has a direct effect on body posture thanks to its so-called active stabilizing effect. The targeted compression zones in the clothing, which are patented by Knapman, ensure that the muscles are activated, which gives the body an impulse to adopt a good and active posture in a natural way.

Complaints due to postural problems can therefore be resolved immediately and prevented in the future.

Good posture not only helps prevent complaints, but also ensures a better, confident posture:

        ✔     Straight back
        ✔     Chest forward (stiffest position)
        ✔     Relaxed shoulders (shoulders low and slightly back)
        ✔     Abdominal muscles activated


Football players about Knapman

Football player Nick Doodeman from FC Volendam about his experience with Knapman

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Knapman Reviews

Recommended by

Victor Pálsson

Soccerplayer in the Eredivisie

"In the last recent years I've had to deal with various shoulder injuries. The compression shirts from Knapman have greatly reduced my injuries. Recently I started playing with the shorts from Knapman".

"I want to thank the Knapman team. Their products ensure that I suffer less from injuries and that I can deliver better performance. The short ensures that I can give just a little extra and can play in professional football that of course make the difference. Thank you! "

Recommended by

Jochen Habsch

Sport physician & Expert kinesio taping

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test the properties of the new Knapman shirt (in the past I have tested similar shirts by other brands). I noticed directly that the material of the shirt is of a very high quality, it is soft to the touch and comfortable.
The shirts are a perfect fit. The material is thin and therefore invisible under a polo shirt. The material retains its shape and form even after multiple washes.

Active properties
The posture-improving quality of Knapman products is immediately evident. More so than by other brands.
In actual practice, I see a lot of pain complaints as a result of the wrong posture or the wrong use of the support and motion mechanisms of the body. This can lead to chronic pain. For example, disorders, such as a hernia, are often caused by the wrong use of muscles. By wearing Knapman these complaints can be reduced.

The targeted compression zones in, for example, the back area, straighten the body up. As soon as the body diverts from the ideal posture, it receives a neurophysiological impulse with a similar reaction to that achieved by taping.

While wearing Knapman compression clothing, the neurophysiological system is on a ‘learning curve’ so that the effects are even visible after a prolonged time. In addition, the compression clothing influences the overall coordination of the body in a positive way.

Of all the brands of compression wear tested to date, the Knapman products have given the best results.

Physiotherapy and manual therapy can in daily life be complemented by wearing Knapman compression clothing.

Extremely suited to correcting posture problems and to preventing damage to the support and motion mechanisms of the body over a long period.

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